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Blue Sunsets develops homes that add real value to your financial well being and to your everyday life. Blue Sunsets recognizes that home equity is the cornerstone of personal financial security.  We create this value by building residential and commercial projects within walking distance to town and campus centers and in exclusive waterfront communities.  We listen, design and build through constant communication, applying eight success principles and building in a host of distinguishing characteristics influenced by local market conditions.


The core of our success lies in excellent communication between You, the Customer, and our Managers. We constantly reinforce the alignment of the Project Plan with Your Goals.

Blue Sunsets Success Principles

We ensure a smooth and effective process by sticking to the following principles:

Identification:  Qualify Markets Based on Value and Appreciation Potential

Selection: Prioritize High Value Projects within Targeted Communities

Acquisition:  Negotiate and Purchase Properties at Below Market Values

Planning:  Set Financial and Customer Goals and Generate Plans and Programs to Realize Full Property Potential

Resources:  Select and Integrate Highest-Grade Craftsmen in Each Discipline

Products:  Distinguish Materials based on Sustainability and Efficiency Ratings

Execution:  Utilize Competitive Bid and Owner-Strengthened AIA Contract to Mandate Budget & Schedule

Results: Measure Performance Against Financial Goals & Customer Satisfaction

Distinguishing Characteristics

You will have a superior luxury home with a low cost-of-ownership and a high resale value because we build in the features and characteristics appropriate for your local market. 

Some of these features and characteristics include:  

Monolithic Poured Foundation  12plus12
Foundation Water-Proofing  12plus12
Comprehensive Insulation Package  12plus12
Spray Foam Insulation  12plus12
Lightning Protection and Roofing   12plus12
30-Year Cedar Siding  12plus12
Custom Windows and Doors   12plus12
Impact Resistant Windows   12plus12
Cast Iron Pipe   12plus12
Energy Efficient HVAC   12plus12
Custom Front Entry Door   12plus12
Sprinkler and Well Pump System   12plus12
Custom Stairs   12plus12
Handcrafted Railings   12plus12
Gourmet Kitchen & Appliances  12plus12
Designer Bathrooms  12plus12
Extensive Interior Trim   12plus12
Solid-Core Paneled Doors   12plus12
Hand-Selected Tile and Stone   12plus12
Built-in Cabinetry   12plus12
Elegant Lighting Fixtures   12plus12
Designer Plumbing Fixtures   12plus12
Built-in Home Audio System   12plus12
Barbeque Grill    12plus12

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