Spray Foam Insulation



A quieter home: Traffic, neighborhood activities, and plumbing runs can be the sources of annoying sounds - the unwanted noises that can invade living spaces, hindering comfort and enjoyment. These sounds mostly travel through the air. By sealing the building envelope, Icynene® effectively minimizes airborne sounds in the midrange frequencies. Icynene® is perfect for limiting noises from plumbing runs, roads, home theaters and playrooms.


A more energy efficient home: With Icynene® energy costs are reduced by up to 50% versus conventional insulation. And the savings don’t stop there. The elimination of random air leakage (which is a common occurrence in many buildings) allows Icynene® homes to maintain the same heating and cooling performance with smaller, less expensive HVAC equipment.  Labor and materials normally required to achieve a proper sealed building envelope are no longer necessary. And Icynene® also significantly contributes to homeowners securing an energy efficient mortgage.


A Healthier home: More important to a growing number of homeowners, Icynene® provides a protective barrier preventing allergens, dust and mold spores from entering the home. It is a water-based product containing none of the harmful chemicals and gasses often associated with other insulations. By minimizing air infiltration, Icynene® also reduces the amount of airborne moisture that can result in condensation and mold.